March 29, 2015 Update

I made a little progress on the engine on Sunday.  Nothing too noticeable, but things that needed done.

The trailing truck has been reworked a couple of times since the last update.  It is a lot more solid, I am just not sure I like it yet.  Maybe once I get more black tiles and 1×1 plates it will look better.

I also reworked the connection between the engine and the tender.  The current state is not final, I just used what pieces I had available.  It was getting near impossible to connect the tender without a lot of hassle.  I wanted to make the connection between the two to make it easier to reach.

I started on the detailing between the drivers and the walkways, I didn’t get too far because I am lacking in most pieces that I need to do it they way that I want.

I also started on the detailing under the cab.  I am very disappointed because I realized that most of the detail will have to be on the trailing truck  which is going to limit what I can do and make it look even stranger when going around a curve.

With the very WIP tender.  Notice that she is about 5 track length long with her tender.  From what I found in my research, she normally ran with 2 tenders…01cbb7997365e876719012aa096e45b711cf6bc0bc

Starting to detail under the cab0137f7ad038997e2fec5b45b101dfb242a013f3088

Starting to detail under the walkways01a32f7a8dfe1859d4c206dee6620ad92a73f06dff

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