March 31, 2015 Update

Tonight I fixed a small problem that I noticed the other day with the body not sitting properly.  The problem was the angle of the firebox was preventing the body (boiler/cab) from sitting properly on the under carriage.  I removed the tiles from the top of the firebox and now it sits better.  Of course now there are visible studs so I need to replace the black brick with a couple of plates and a tile to smooth out the look.

The main work I did was starting to detail under the cab.  It is amazing how long can be spent on just little details like this.

Below are a couple of angles of the detailing.  I don’t think that this it the final version yet as I am sure that I will make changes to it once I get better parts to use.  Also the 4L lt gray bar really sticks out…I don’t have any black ones!

I have quite a large list of parts that I need from BrickLink so I will be placing orders soon.  This includes quite a few pieces that will be used in the detailing, such as hoses and bars.



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