January 16, 2020 Finally…

So after last working on the Chessie Steam Special project almost 5 years ago, it is about time to get going on it again finally!

A lot has happening in 5 years, I moved to another city and built a new house. My LEGO was packed up and in storage for about a year and half. Another almost two years later, I am finally getting it all unpacked. I have dedicated LEGO room (okay a big closet). There is a large workbench and most of my building stock on the other side of room that I finished a few months ago and I am finishing up building some shelves on the other side to, hopefully, fit everything else.  I haven’t really been able to unpack and organize everything yet without the rest of the shelves.

I have actually worked on several LEGO projects in 2019, a few of which actually got completed. I will post about them later. Most of them are on my Facebook Pages, but I decided I wanted a regular blog that I own to really document what I’m doing.

You can see what I’ve been up to at https://www.facebook.com/custombrickmodelsohio and

I also got a new URL that I will be using for this blog, it is johnbucy.art.  I will get it configured as soon as I can.

More to come soon!

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