March 25, 2015 Update

I was going to post this last week, but the time got away from me.

This is the state of my Chessie Steam Special as of March 25, 2015.  My write up on from last week is here.

I definitely have a lot more work to do on her.  You can tell there are still some wrong colors and some wrong pieces here and there.  Such as the headlight bricks on the back of the cab.  I do not have any regular dark blue bricks?!?  She is also missing detailing.  I have not started on that yet.

I will post updates periodically of my progress as I get a chance to work on her.  This picture was taken on a Wednesday and I didn’t get a chance to work on her again until Sunday.

Since I just started this blog, I am thinking about going back to beginning of the build and posting some earlier pictures to show my progress and things that I discovered/learned along the way.

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